Further Institutions

Interdisciplinary Emergency Department (INA)

We offer an interdisciplinary emergency treatment of surgical and internal disease patterns from one source at our Interdisciplinary Emergency Department. Our own team of doctors and nurses works hand in hand to treat every case of emergency quickly and efficiently all around the clock. The INA is located directly at the main entrance of Katharinenhospital, on 60, Kriegsbergstraße.

We work according to the first-view-concept: The surgical and internal senior physician attend here each patient together. The goal is to quickly reach a diagnosis and to forward the patient to the appropriate department. The INA has an emergency room, where, if necessary, patient’s therapy will be initiated. There is a clear responsibility and accountability throughout the stay in the INA, without distribution of responsibilities and unnecessary patient routes.

Treatment and care emphases

  • The INA is the central point of contact for all emergency patients.
  • It is always open for any illness or injury.

Special offers and facilities

  • The INA has an emergency room with 14+ beds for acute treatment.
  • According to our First View Concept, patients are met by both, surgical and internal senior physician

Distinguished procedures in diagnosis and therapy

The INA is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach between surgery and internal medicine:

  • a single team without professional separation with shorter waiting times
  • clear responsibility of one physician during the treatment period, which mediates between the patient and subordinates specialists of the clinic
  • clear responsibility for the entire stay in the emergency department

Studies / scientific activities

Improving the research of supply in acute medicine in Germany by establishing a national emergency register, initiated by DIVI, support by BMBF was already demanded

Quality assurance

  • CIRS (Critical Incident Reporting System)
  • Certification according to DGINA-ZERT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Interdisziplinäre Notaufnahmen/German Association for Interdisciplinary Emergency Admission)

Selected services (number of case)

2013 2014 2015  
27,905 31,127 33,851 Total number of emergency patients