Klinikum Stuttgart State-of-the-art Medicine for Patients from All Over the World

Klinikum Stuttgart is one of Germany´s largest modern hospitals. More than 50 clinics and institutes organized in eleven medical centers provide all specialties and a broad range of services.

Renowned specialists supported by a competent staff of 6.400 working hand in hand for the benefit of our patients guarantee state-of-the-art medicine and optimum care. 

Every year, about 90.000 inpatients and 500.000 outpatients are treated in Klinikum Stuttgart. Furthermore, we are extremely experienced in receiving patients from all nationalities and cultures.

The major specialties include medical and surgical oncology, orthopedics with endoprosthetic surgery and restorative surgery, cardiology and heart surgery, abdominal and vascular surgery, neurosurgery, neurology and all specialties in paediatrics.

On these pages, you will find a description of the major clinics and institutes with the respective Heads of Department.

Klinikum Stuttgart - International Patients
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