Centre for Mental Health

Clinic for Special Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

The Clinic for Special Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy offers a social psychiatry centre to chronic mentally ill people in the city of Stuttgart beyond special treatment emphasis for affective disorders in the new building in Bad Cannstatt Hospital.

At the treatment centre for affective disorder, we basically treat depressive, bipolar and schizo-affective disorders. Accompanying treatment of somatic and psychic secondary diseases is also one of our services. Therefore, we provide a series of special wards. Apart from two wards for acute admission, we offer special settings for the treatment of affective disorders emphasizing mother-child connection, early diagnostics and private optional service.

The social psychiatry treatment centre in the city of Stuttgart encompasses two crisis wards, one day clinic, outpatient department of the institution, inpatient and outpatient living along with three psychiatry centres of the community. Chronically ill people are treated according to their needs and close to the community. Social psychiatric supply approach aims to temporally limit inpatient admission or to replace inpatient admission by day clinic, outpatient or community-close forms of treatment and thus to counteract hospitalization.

Treatment and care emphases

  • Depressive disorders
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Schizo-affective disorders
  • Schizophrenic disorderssycho-organic disorders
  • Acute crises
  • Psychiatric and somatic comorbidities (secondary diseases)

Special offers and facilities

Treatment centre for affective disorders, Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt (contact person: head of department, Dr. Ulrich Sei

  • Acute admission unit
  • Ward for affective disorders
    • Depression ward
    • Early treatment war
    • Ward for private optional servic
    • Mother-child unit
  • Partially inpatient and outpatient treatment offer
  • Private outpatient clinic

Social psychiatric treatment centre, Stuttgart-City (contact person: medical director Dr. Steffen Creuz)

  • Open crisis ward
  • Day clinic
  • Outpatient department of the institution
  • Psychiatric centre of the community
  • Outpatient assisted living
    • Inpatient assisted living
    • City house

Distinguished procedures in diagnosis and therapy

  • The Clinic for Special Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is among Germany’s best clinics in the field of depressions (FOCUS 2012)
  • The medical director of the clinic, Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Bürgy, is mentioned in the physicians’ register of FOCUS as a leading expert for schizophrenia in 2012

Studies / scientific activities

  • The Medical Director represents clinically and scientifically, a phenomenological-anthropological psychiatry. The related research is qualitative individual case research, with its origins in the clinic, and retroacts there. This clinical approach is based on an accurate initial diagnosis of psychopathology, referring to psychotherapeutic, neurobiological and psychopharmacological approaches in the following.

Quality assurance

  • Medical continuing education curriculum
  • External project management for process optimization
  • Professional de-escalation management
  • Organization of emergency crisis team as of 2013
  • Project DIN EN ISO certification of the clinic as of 2013

Hospital numbers

2015 2016 2017  
164 164 171 Available inpatient beds
1.555 1.592 1.559 Inpatient cases
35.7 35.8 36.4 Inpatient stay in days
37 37 37 Available beds in day hospital
231 224 202 Cases of day hospital
40.2 38.5 42.6 Length of stay in day (day clinic)
5.584 5.819 5.888 Psychiatric billing cases outpatient Clinic (PIA*)

*PIA = Psychiatrische Institutsambulanz / psychiatric outpatient departement

Selected services (number of cases)

2015 2016 2017  
436 416 361 Depressive disorders
194 162 138 Bipolar disorders
968 963 956 Schizophrenia