Centre for Internal Medicine

Clinic for Haematology and Oncology

Apart from the treatment of general internistic disorders, we offer the whole range of haematooncological diagnostics and therapy. One emphasis is transplantation of autologous peripheral stem cells, which takes place in a specifically equipped treatment unit. Here, patients with lymphomas, multiple myelomas and germ cell tumours are treated.

The treatment of malignant diseases takes place on an interdisciplinary basis in cooperation with Stuttgart Cancer Centre – Tumour Centre Eva Mayr Stihl. Differentiated coordinated treatment strategies are defined in the context of tumour conferences.

Our Study Centre coordinates more than 50 innovative clinical studies and provides cooperation between large study groups. We provide a palliative department with 14 beds and palliative medical counselling service.

Treatment and care emphases

  • Internistic oncology: gastroenterological tumours, urogenital tumours, head and neck tumours, mamma carcinomas, bronchial carcinomas, cerebral tumours, soft tissue tumours, melanomas
  • Haematology: acute and chronic leukaemias, lymphomas including lymphomas of the central nervous system, plasmocytomas, anaemia, thrombocytopenia
  • Autologous stem cell transplantation
  • Geriatric haematology and oncology
  • Palliative therapy concepts, palliative care
  • Haemostaseology
  • Haemato-oncological intensive care
  • General internal medicine
  • Internistic íntensive care

Special offers and facilities

  • Day clinic
  • Interdisciplinary outpatient therapy unit
  • Haematological special ward with 1st class air condition rooms
  • Laboratory for haematology
  • Special office hours for internistic oncology, haematology, blood stem cell transplantation
  • Oncological sonography
  • Palliative ward
  • Palliative medical consulting service
  • Case management

Distinguished techniques in diagnosis and therapy

  • Geriatric Haemato-Oncology (GHO)
  • High-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation due to lymphomas of the central nervous system

Studies / scientific activities

  • AML – AML SG 12-09: Randomized phase II trial evaluating induction therapy with idarubicin and etoposide plus sequential or concurrent azacitidine and maintainance therapy with azacitidine
  • Supportive / Tu-Lyse – FLORENCE: Febuxostat for tumour lysis syndrome prevention in haematologic malignancy; no terminus: a randomized, double blind phase III study versus allopurinol
  • Hodgkin – Hodgkin disease/lymphoma HD 18
  • Head-neck – CeFCid 1108: Cetuximab, cisplatin and flourouracil (5-FU) alone or with docetaxel in recurrent and / or metastatic head and neck cancer
  • Kidney – randomized, double blind, placebo controlled phase III study for evaluation of efficiency and safety of Pazopanib as adjuvant therapy in patients with located or locally advanced renal cell carcinoma after nephrectomy, EudraCT-No. 2010-020965-26

Quality assurance

  • Establishment of a telephone hotline for residual physicians in private practice for direct availability of the senior physician on duty
  • Advanced training for the team of physicians in "Good Clinical Practice“
  • Advanced training in quality management

Hospital numbers

2015 2016 2017  
87 80 75 Available beds (inpatient cases)
3.405 3.022 2.574 Inpatient cases
7.2 7.3 8.5 Length of stay (inpatient cases)
13 13 13 Available slots in day-hospital

Selected Services (number of cases)

2015 2016 2017  
548 618 651 Palliative medical consultants
56 41 52 Autologous stem cell transplantation