Interdisciplinary Medical Center

Clinic for General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Internistic Oncology

Our clinic treats patients of all internistic disciplines. Special emphasis is placed on gastroenterological, hepatological and onkological disorders. In the area of diagnostic endoscopy, we offer zoom and chromoendoscopies, wireless ph-metries, manometries, impedance measurement, 2H and 13C respiration tests, endosonographies and all types of endoscopy (including capsule endoscopy and double-balloon endoscopies). Therapeutically, the following procedures (among others) are performed: mucosectomies, ERCPs, PTCDs and stent implantations. This clinic has a state-of the art equipped endoscopy department with a comprehensive gastroenterological functional laboratory.

A further area of emphasis is gastroenterological oncology. For medical care, an intensive care unit with six internistic beds is available. A pneumological specialty (with body pletysmography, spiro-ergometry and bronchoscopy) was extended. In the cardiology department, ECGs, long-term ECGs, stress ECGs, echocardiographs incl. TEE, 24-h long-term blood-pressure measurements, temporary pacemaker therapies and electrocardioversions are performed.

Treatment and care emphases

  • General internal medicine including internistic intensive medicine
  • Gastroenterology and hepatology
  • Chronic-inflammatory intestinal disorders (Crohn's disease, Colitis ulcerosa)
  • Gastroenterological oncology (colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, oesophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer etc.)
  • Metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus)
  • Pneumology (asthma bronchiale, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Special offers and facilities

  • Interdisciplinary sonography centre, including duplex and contrast-enhanced sonography
  • Interventional gastroenterological endoscopy
  • Complete gastroenterological function laboratory
  • DEGUM seminar instructor (level III sonography): Senior physician Dr. Dirks
  • Case management

Distinguished procedures in diagnosis and therapy

  • Special area of emphasis: therapy of chronic-inflammatory intestinal disorders (participation in and direction of several multi-centre therapy studies)
  • Particular experience in the entire field of endoscopy, with a large number of polypectomies and mucosectomies, as well as in therapeutic ERCP and PTCD
  • Small intestine capsule endoscopy for evaluation of haemorrhage in the mid gastrointestinal tract
  • Wireless 48-h pH-metry with the BRAVO system in response to gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
  • All types of inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy

Studies / scientific activities

  • FIRE III study, an AIO study (KRK 0306)
  • PETACC-6 / EORTC 40054 – 22062 / AIO KRK 0506-study
  • FAMKOL (beginning in 2013)
  • DEGUM-register study: sonographical puncture of organs in the abdomen
  • DEGUM-study detection of metastases in case of CRC
  • The clinic coordinates and actualizes guidelines of the Oncological Focus Stuttgart (OSP). To increase therapy, the clinic takes part in execution of clinical therapy studies, i.e. in case of oesophagus, stomach and colorectal cancer
  • Chairman of the working group for gastrointestinal tumours of the OSP
  • Participation in creation of S3 guidelines regarding stomach carcinoma

Quality assurance

  • Benchmark project: Papillotomy
  • Benchmark project: Polypectomy
  • Comparing quality results in cancer treatment performed by the OSP

Hospital numbers

2015 2016 2017  
39 38 38 Available Beds, inpatient
2.865 2.873 2.826 Inpatient Cases
4.1 4.1 4.2 Length of stay in days

Select Services (number of cases)

2015 2016 2017  
1.689 1.866 2.027 Oesophagogastroduodenoscopies
1.076 1.054 1.044 Colonoscopies
191 158 186 ERCP and PTCD