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Stuttgart Clinical Centre covers with its clinics and institutes almost all medical fields. One of the few gaps in our range of services was sports medicine. This gap was filled by the participation in the Stuttgart Sports Clinic GmbH. Through this strategic partnership a musculo-skeletal centre has been created that is unique in its comprehensive service portfolio in southern Germany.

This medical centre includes three trauma surgery and orthopaedic clinics and the clinic for hand, plastic and micro-surgery at Stuttgart Clinical Centre as well as Stuttgart Sports Clinic. It offers the full spectrum of advanced orthopaedics and traumatology with the safety of diagnostic and therapeutic maximum care. The musculo-skeletal centre is the largest provider of orthopaedic trauma surgery - sport traumatology field in the region.

Stuttgart Sports Clinic was founded in 1954 and is a special hospital for orthopaedic surgery and sports traumatology. The clinic has a high national and international reputation and is considered one of the leading facilities in treatment of injuries of the upper and lower extremities. In addition to numerous top athletes and teams, the Olympic Training Centre in Stuttgart and various national and international sporting events are also served.

Medical focus is given on arthroscopic surgeries of shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle joint, open joint surgery, reconstructive surgery and joint replacement of shoulder and knee. Most commonly, meniscus operations are performed, including transplantations, cruciate ligament plastic and rotator cuff reconstructions. However, special procedures such as tendon transplantations to stabilize the ankle, elbow or acromioclavicular joint, foot surgery including metatarsophalangeal joint prostheses, cartilage cell transplantations or the differentiated treatment of patella dislocation are offered at the hospital. Due to increasing demand of athletes for back problems, we enlarged our medical structure by the spine section in 2010.

After the Sports Clinic had been awarded regarding five different qualities above average (waiting time prior to medical examination, care by the nursing staff, medical effort of the physicians, time of the nursing staff for the patient’s demands, intelligible answering of patient’s questions by the nursing staff) with the TK Clinic Quality Price in October 2011, quality management was further developed and numerous processes could be initiated.

On 24th July 2012, the quality management of Stuttgart Sports Clinic was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

About us

  • Sports Aid Association Württemberg e.V. (51%); 37 sports associations of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal State Sports Association of Württemberg are members
  • City of Stuttgart (49%) as sponsor of Stuttgart Clinical Centre
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Medical director and chief physician
Dr. Ulrich Becker
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Jürgen Zimmermann
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