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The Social Paediatrics Centre (SPZ) offers interdisciplinary diagnostics, consulting and therapy for children and adolescent persons with chronic diseases, development disorders and for children with congenital or acquired disabilities. This allows establishment of a supporting plan and further attendance and therapy.

Our patients comprise children and adolescents but we take social environment into consideration such as family, kindergarden, school etc. to provide diagnostics and treatment. We place an emphasis on enabling our patients to balance requirements and needs to reach best-possible quality of life. Thus, it is important to consider physical, psychic and social situation. 

The SPZ team consists of paediatrists and doctors for adolescent medicine, neuropaediatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists, educators, qualified social education worker and paediatric nurses. We practice in close cooperation with the neuropaediatrics, other clinics of the Olgahospital, general practitioners and external paedagogic and therapeutic institutions.

Medical Director - Social Paediatrics

Dr. Andreas Oberle

Ärztlicher Direktor

Dr. Andreas Oberle

Telefon: 0711 278-72760

Telefax: 0711 278-72429

E-Mail: a.oberle@klinikum-stuttgart.de



About us

  • Children and adolescents with development abnormalities in the field of motor skills, speech, intellect, behaviour
  • Early childhood regulatory disorders (baby talk time), excessive screaming, early sleeping and eating disturbances
  • Children and adolescents with chronic diseases, disabilities and secondary consequences
  • Educational and child care problems in children and adolescents with developmental and serious behavioural problems 
  • Obese children in preschool and school age showing development and behaviour abnormalities
  • Differentiated development diagnostics
  • Neuropaediatric diagnostics and therapy
  • Care of children and adolescents and their families in case of epilepsy
  • Movement analysis in case of abnormalities regarding gait pattern or walking
  • Diagnostics of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders
  • Baby consultation
  • Whole-body vibration training by Galileo
  • Locomotion and gait analysis by the software Contemplas, Dartfish, mechanography, measurement of foot pressure disposition (Zebris) and training by EMG
  • Locomotion and gait training
  • Kinesiotaping in children
  • Group offers 
    • psychomotor skills
    • concentration training
    • social competence
    • for obese children PO.M.M.E.S-group = Power with moderation, healthy nutrition and fun
    • group for children with eating abnormalities (picnic group)
    • ttrampoline training
    • graphic motor skills
  • Consultation offer by educators of the school for sick children
  • onsultation
  • Interdisciplinary differentiated developmant and behaviour diagnostics
  • Interdisciplinary aiding device consultation
  • Interdisciplinary neuroorthopaedic consultation
  • Consultation for children and
  • Presentation of a supraregionally working group on “early attention problems”
  • Dr. Oberle is amongst others deputy speaker of the Federal Working Group of Social Paediatrics Centres, speaker of the SPZ in Baden-Württemberg, member of the Ethics Commission of the German Academy for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
  • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2008, successful supervising audit – in June 2012. The Social Paediatrics Centre fulfils its commitments regarding the international standard of organisations (ISO) without deviations
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Paediatrics 1 – Paediatric Neurology and Social Paediatrics
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Social Paediatrics
Telephone +49 (0)711 278-72760
Telefax +49 (0)711 278-72429
E-Mail a.oberle@klinikum-stuttgart.de