Centre for Internal Medicine Clinic for Kidney, Hypertension and Autoimmune Diseases

Our clinic treats patients with renal and hypertension diseases. In the intensive care unit, we treat critically ill patients with highly impaired renal function. The clinic also includes the Stuttgart transplantsation centre. The head of the clinic is also the centre's director. The clinic has 35 beds including the transplantation ward and 32 dialysis facilities.

Medical Director

Ärztlicher Direktor & Zentrumsleiter für Innere Medizin

Prof. Dr. med. Vedat Schwenger

Telefon: 0711 278-35301

Telefax: 0711 278-35309

E-Mail: buero.schwenger@klinikum-stuttgart.de

About us

  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from
    • renal diseases
    • complicated hypertension
    • renal diseases in systemic diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dialysis patients with vascular diseases
  • Intensive care management of patients with acute renal failure and multiple organ failure
  • Intensive care management of dialysis patients with severe diseases
  • Renal ultrasonography, duplex ultrasonography 
  • Performance of all extracorporeal procedures such as haemodialysis, haemofiltration, Genius procedure, plasmapheresis, immunoadsorption
  • Training for carrying out peritoneal dialysis independently 
  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute poisoning including haemoperfusion treatment
  • Kidney transplants
  • Transplant outpatient clinic
  • Outpatient haemodialysis
  • Outpatient peritoneal dialysis
  • Outpatient plasmapheresis and immunoadsorption
  • Case Management

Transplant Centre Stuttgart

  • AB0-incompatible living kidney transplantation
  • Living kidney transplantation in case of positive crossmatch
  • Kidney transplantation in HIV-positive patients
  • High cut-off dialysis for removal of immunoglobulin light chains
  • Transjugular renal biopsy, in collaboration with the Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Prof. Dr. Richter
  • Renal denervation for treatment of therapy-resistent hypertension, in cooperation with the Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Prof. Dr. Richter
  • Eurotransplant senior DR-compatible study
  • Biomarker in renal transplantation; several studies in cooperation with Prof Dr. E. Wieland and Dr. M. Shipkova; such as:
    • Associations among CD26 Expression on T cells, plasma dipetidyl peptidase IV Activity and Clinical Outcomes in the early phase after kidney transplantation 
    • Indicators of inflammation and oxidized low density lipoproteins in kidney transplant recipients with and without metabolic syndrome
  • Chairmanship commission for development of standards for the „special extracorporal therapy“ by order of the German Association for Internal Medicine
  • Collaborative Transplant Study: Worldwide comparison of the results of kidney transplantation since 1997.In Stuttgart, functional duration of renal transplants and life expectancy of renal transplantation patients were above average.
  • Annual quality report on kidney transplantation to the Social Ministry of Baden-Württemberg
  • Quality assurance in the context of the Eurotransplant Foundation 
  • Annual report to AQUA Institution in the context of quality assurance for transplantation centres
  • Certified clinic with focus on nephrology
2015 2016 2017
29 35 35 Available Beds
1,462 1,730 1,723 Inpatient Cases
56.1 6.7 6.7 Length of stay in days
2015 2016 2017
58 69 56 Kidney transplantations
10.512 10.216 10.813 Extracorporeal therapies
202 242 263 Renal biopsies


Clinic for Kidney, Hypertension and Autoimmune Diseases
Klinikum Stuttgart – Katharinenhospital
Kriegsbergstrasse 60
70174 Stuttgart

Telephone +49 (0)711 278-35301
Telefax +49 (0)711 278-35309
E-Mail v.schwenger@klinikum-stuttgart.de