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Central Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

The Central Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine/Laborpraxis am Katharinenhospital provides clinical laboratory testing for the entire Klinikum Stuttgart and outpatients with a broad spectrum of analyses (about 3.5 million analyses per year).

The team of physicians, scientists, and medical technicians provides diagnostic informations and advise in clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, virology allergology, autoimmunity, trace elements, molecular diagnostics, toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical microbiology (bacteriology, mycology, chlamydia serology and PCR, parasitology, anaerobic microbiology, mycobacteria and TB diagnostic service, antimicrobial chemotherapy, consultation on infectious disease management). The analytical and advisory services are available to adult and pediatric inpatients and outpatients. A broad range of tests is offered 24 hours on 7 days of the  week.

To ensure the highest standard of work the institute participates in extensive internal and external quality assurance schemes, and competence of the institute is certified by an accreditation. The laboratory also serves as national reference for various advanced diagnostic assays.

An outpatient diagnostic and advisory service is available for the diagnosis and management of lipid disorders and in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with thrombophilic or hemophilic risk factors or diseases.

The institute participates in research programs designed at patient care and quality of diagnostic tests. Major research interests are therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosupressive drugs, lipid disorders and oxidative stress. Special testing can be set up upon request.

The academic laboratory staff is engaged in major teaching programs at the medical student and technician level.