Centre for Paediatric Medicine / Women´s Clinic

Department of Anaesthesiology and operative Intensive Care

As one of the leading supraregional departments for paediatric anaesthesia, Olgahospital serves patients in the field of paediatric surgery, orthopaedics and ENT. All children in the different paediatric fields receive narcoses and sedation for diagnostic measures. Our daily spectrum consists of special anaesthesia for children having a high risk profile such as premature babies, neonates, babies and critically ill infants. Providing about 10,000 narcoses annually, we are most likely the largest paediatric anaesthesia department in Germany. We have broken new ground with intravenous narcoses which have resulted in clearly increased tolerance of narcoses in children.

With the relocation of the Women's Hospital in its new premises, we have added since May 2014, the anesthesia care of the gynecological clinic with its comprehensive gynecological range and their large maternity unit with more than 3,000 births per year.

With STUPS (paediatric emergency simulation programme), our clinic offers specialised instruction for physicians, students, employees of care professions and emergency staff. Since several years, this practical training has been established to offer simulation training for emergency situations and for training of saving sceneries guided by special instructors.

Treatment and care priorities

  • Anaesthesia
    • airway management
    • for children with severe burn injuries
    • for Reconstructive tracheal surgery in infancy and childhood
    • for spine surgery
  • Surgical intensive care
  • Pain therapy
  • Emergency medicine

Special offers and facilities

  • Outpatient anaesthesia for children with rare syndromes and anaesthesia-related preexisting medical conditions
  • Anaesthetic management of day-hospital patients
  • Sedation/narcosis for MRI examinations
  • Narcoses for diagnostic measures in paediatrics (endoscopies, BERA hearing test examinations, ophthalmologic measures)
  • Pain therapy transferred by oncologists
  • Narcoses to children for dental procedures by the paediatric dentist and head of the Dental Continuing Education Centre (ZFZ) Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. J. Einwag
  • Autologous blood donation in children (in cooperation with the blood centre)

Distinguished procedures in diagnosis and therapy

  • Attaching of peripheral regional anaesthesia catheters for pain therapy under sonographic control
  • MRI monitoring for children of all age groups, to allow the safe performance of MRI scans under general anaesthesia
  • Jet ventilation in children with supraglottic and infraglottic laryngeal problems and tracheal surgical procedures

Studies / scientific activities

  • Stuttgart Paediatric Anaesthesia Conference (international convention, 11 times since 1993)
  • DEGUM - seminars for ultrasound in anaesthesia (13 times since 2005)
  • Review course on paediatric anaesthesia (22 times since 1997)
  • Workshop of airway management during childhood
  • Workshop of sonographically-guided procedures in paediatric anaesthesia

Quality assurance

  • Participation in the quality assurance programme of the National Medical Association
  • DGAI in-house training
  • Preclinical emergency rescue
  • Emergency doctor coordination - location responsibility and quality assurance
  • PASIS (Patient Safety Information System) project Tübingen
  • STUPS Stuttgart Paediatric Simulator for neonatal and paediatric emergencies and resuscitation situations
  • Case observation study of 500 children aged 1-10 years for quality assurance in paediatric anaesthesia

Selected services (number of cases)

2015 2016 2017  
14.412 14.854 14.483 Total number of narcoses (Olgahospital)
984 1.072 1.139 Narcoses in infants up to 1 year old